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From cracked basins and slow drains to leaking faucets and outdated fixtures, there are many reasons why you would need to repair or replace your sink. Our home service plumbers are trained in all aspects of sink installation and repair for both kitchens and bathrooms. We can troubleshoot the issue and recommend a solution.

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In such a case, you can submit a request for an estimate by calling (800) 846-4213

Our team will be in touch with you within one to two days to arrange the first visit for assessing your project and creating a detailed estimate for your approval. Generally, we can commence work on your project within one to two weeks.

We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. We accept credit card payments both on-site and online. In addition, we also accept cash and checks.

Upon receiving your estimate request, we will review it and determine if an on-site assessment is required, or if we can provide an estimate from photos. We will prepare a detailed estimate for your approval within a few days. You will have the option to either approve the estimate as is or request modifications. Once you approve the estimate, we will proceed to order the necessary materials and schedule a visit to complete the work.

In the event that your project requires multiple visits, such as drywall repairs, we will not generate an invoice until the entire project is finished. However, if your project has multiple components, such as changing light fixtures, repairing drywall, and mending a fence, we may create small invoices for each visit as we complete the components.

Handymen will provide an invoice for any materials purchased that cannot be returned, and those materials will be transferred to you as your property.

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