In the sunny state of California, where homeowners often find themselves in need of skilled handymen, the journey of establishing a handyman business can be a challenging one. With regulations and restrictions that limit what unlicensed handymen can do, many face a conundrum: how to turn their skills into a thriving enterprise. This is where Handymen comes into the picture, breaking the mold of traditional handyman services and offering a unique solution that benefits not only local handymen but also the community.

The life of an unlicensed handyman in California is not a walk in the park. One of the significant hurdles is the $500 limit set by the State of California, although not heavily enforced, can land a handyman in trouble if caught providing services over that limit. This financial constraint makes it difficult for a handyman to sustain a local business and provide a reliable source of income for their families. Handymen understands this dilemma all too well, and this understanding is at the heart of their mission.

Founded by Ryan Houseman, a Benicia native with extensive experience in home renovations, and David Kelly, renowned as “The Benicia Handyman” for his dedicated service in the local community, Handymen was born out of the desire to revolutionize the handyman industry. Their collective vision was to create a company that not only empowered their technicians but also delivered exceptional service to homeowners.

Handymen’s business model tackles the challenges head-on. It offers experienced handymen a platform where they can find stable income, access benefits, and work in a supportive team environment. The company takes care of the business end of things, allowing handymen to focus on what they do best – solving household problems and providing top-notch service.

In addition to supporting handymen, Handymen is committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Leveraging advanced technology, the company uses 3D Lidar mapping for accurate project quotes, and a CRM system that streamlines interactions with clients. The website,, serves as an informative hub, offering not only service-related information but also a wealth of DIY knowledge, employee stories, and opinion articles.

Handymen takes community support to the next level through its “Helping Hands Fund.” This program is designed to assist those in need who cannot afford repairs. From repairing irrigation at a local preschool to completing an unfinished bathroom remodel for a client on a fixed income, Handymen’s commitment to community betterment shines through.

With their successful launch in Pleasant Hill and plans for further growth throughout California, Handymen maintains a strong focus on community engagement. This includes joining local chambers of commerce, advertising locally, hiring local talent, and extending the Helping Hands Fund to new communities.

In a world where the trust and efficiency of home repair services are paramount, Handymen has emerged as the unrivaled leader. Their innovative business model provides a lifeline to experienced handymen, enabling them to thrive while delivering top-tier service to homeowners. By fusing professionalism, technology, and community impact, Handymen is transforming the handyman industry, one job at a time. Visit their website today and experience the Handymen difference. It’s not just about home repairs; it’s about community and excellence.